If you’ve had a SEO company handle your optimisation before with any degree of success, the chances are you know the process inside out, or at least have a good idea of how to work together with a SEO company in order to achieve a quality result that isn’t a waste of money (we hope!). If you haven’t… it may look daunting, and you’d be only human to have some reservations, seeing as this is a new area you have little experience of. But have no fear, many people have been through this process and achieved great ranking websites that were more than worth all the emails, phone calls, time and energy. You can too, but first, you need to know how your SEO agency or otherwise will get the right information from you (as well as how you can streamline the process). Get on the same wavelength at the beginning and the results may even be better than you expected.

Your SEO Company & How They’ll Direct You

First off, you shouldn’t be project managing the technical side Sommerseo of things – that’s for your SEO agency to worry about. What should happen is this: your chosen Search Engine Optimisation company will most likely send you an initial questionnaire to discover what you want and what you expect from the service. From there, you should make it the task of one or two people in your team to make frequent contact with the SEO firm. That way, things run smoothly and everyone knows where they stand – and that’s a fantastic thing in the ever changing world of SEO!

Search Engine Optimisation – Check-list Of Things To Ask Before The Project Starts

Lastly, you’ll want to be armed with a few important questions before you accept the quote and let your SEO firm go ahead with all their techno wizardry.

Such as:

1: Are they aware of your budget? Never leave the number until last, or you could be landed with a hefty SEO company bill!

2: Always check the fine-print that your Search Engine Optimisation company has sent you. This will reveal any misunderstandings early on and it should make for a better working relationship.

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