With internet reducing the global differences day by day, gaming cannot remain aloof from the revolution for long. Early decades saw a forceful battle between various gaming consoles namely Nintendo, Wii, Play Station and Xbox to carve an edge for them in the gaming arena. But the advent of World Wide Web has made the characters and the games even more popular.

Sonic games were introduced by Sega in an 8-bit version but grabbed much publicity and fame when it switched over to 16-bit. Now the dying hard fans of the blue blur character, Sonic the hedgehog, can enjoy the playing moments online for free.

The Flash software and technology has made possible to convert static figures into dynamic motion and real-like characters. Due to this flash technology, online games can be modified and reloaded to almost every new console entering the market.

Flash technology enables even the novices to get their hands upon the basics of code generation and creating the platforms required for the functioning of sonic games. There are multiple story lines and episodes related to the sonic games series and as such, all of these require separately designed and created special effects, backgrounds, music scores, enemies, weapons, rings, lives, actions, accessories and what not.

Sonic games are available in a variety of genres in the market namely puzzle games, adventure games, action and all types which can make your adrenalin flow out. With such kinds in hand and the technology intact, a beginner can easily create a game application within few days.

Though some of the features found in retail sonic เว็บแทงบอล เว็บไหนดี games may not be put online due to technology constraints, yet whatever is available on the net at present is sufficient enough to break your keyboard and let you not drink or eat for hours.

The online feature of sonic games even allows you to customize the game as per your own sweet wishes. You can create your own level, background, hills, slopes, curves, powers; design the whole process and even the sonic character. This makes the game matching to your level of understanding.

Playing games online has provided much of ease and comfort to the gaming industry. Those who were not capable of buying the retail versions can get addicted to the gaming characters online and this addiction later force them to turn towards buying the original gaming console featuring the actual Sonic game.

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